Tranemo has a simple vision that no one should be seriously injured in an accident where the correct work clothing could have prevented the accident, or helped to reduce the consequences of it. We strive to make workplaces safer by leading the development of new advanced flame retardant solutions. We also help to provide the market with the best advice on how to protect against various workplace risks such as heat, flame, electric arc, molten metal, chemicals and the risk of explosion. Tranemo only works with inherent flame retardant fabrics - the protection cannot be worn away or washed out of the fabric. Therefore, the protection offered by the fabric lasts for the lifetime of the garment. Our customers cover a wide variety of industrial sectors including power, utilities, contracting, metallurgy, transportation, infrastructure, chemicals and petrochemicals. All our stock garments are fully certified to the relevant EN Standards. Established in 1934, the Tranemo group now consists of subsidiaries in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Norway which together create one of the strongest sales organisations in Europe today. Annually, the group distributes over 600 000 high quality workwear garments to customers throughout Europe and the World. Our Head Office and European Logistics Centre is located in Tranemo, Sweden and the majority of our production takes place within our own facilities within Europe.
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  1. Tranemo Firstgrade Softshell Jacket
    Tranemo Firstgrade Softshell Jacket
    Regular Price £94.80 Special Price £66.36 £55.30
  2. Tranemo Neoprene Knee Pads
    Tranemo Neoprene Knee Pads
    Regular Price £26.40 Special Price £18.48 £15.40
  3. Tranemo Belt
    Tranemo Belt
    Regular Price £12.00 Special Price £8.40 £7.00
  4. Tranemo ID Pocket
    Tranemo ID Pocket
    Regular Price £3.60 Special Price £2.52 £2.10
  5. Tranemo Leather Belt
    Tranemo Leather Belt
    Regular Price £25.20 Special Price £17.64 £14.70
  6. Tranemo Socks
    Tranemo Socks
    Regular Price £6.00 Special Price £4.20 £3.50
  7. Tranemo Nylon Belt
    Tranemo Nylon Belt
    Regular Price £9.60 Special Price £6.72 £5.60
  8. Tranemo First Grade T-Shirt
    Tranemo First Grade T-Shirt
    Regular Price £14.40 Special Price £10.08 £8.40
  9. Tranemo Worker Trousers
    Tranemo Worker Trousers
    Regular Price £87.60 Special Price £61.32 £51.10
  10. Tranemo Premium+ Craftsman Cordura Trs
    Tranemo Premium+ Craftsman Cordura Trs
    Regular Price £74.40 Special Price £52.08 £43.40
  11. Tranemo Premium Plus Craftsman Trs
    Tranemo Premium Plus Craftsman Trs
    Regular Price £55.20 Special Price £38.64 £32.20
  12. Tranemo Jacket
    Tranemo Jacket
    Regular Price £93.60 Special Price £65.52 £54.60
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