custom machine embroidery

Leave The Geeky Stuff To Us

Embroidery is where it all began at The Stitch Factory.  We’re a little bit geeky about it, truth be told.  So whilst you might not get excited about our great machinery, managing stitch counts, or the difference between top tension and bobbin tension, you can be confident that you’re in safe hands with us. 

Once your design is sampled and we’ve worked with you to make sure you’re happy with it, you can leave the rest to us and your order will be with you, as promised, and just right.   Then once you’re all set up you can re-order easily any time – just the one garment or as many as you like.  Just get in touch and it will all be on our system ready to go.

If you’d like to know more about our embroidery service, or talk to us about a design you have in mind, drop us an email or give us a call.  We’ll be happy to help.

For now, here are some tips on embroidery, and some examples of the great work we do

Embroidery tips

Embroidery can be great for your design if:

you want to reorder smaller quantities economically in the future (e.g. for new staff)

you want the branded garment to last well through a lot of regular washing and ironing

you’re creating a promotional clothing product for clients with a premium finish

your garments are textured (like fleece or towelling)

you want to add personalisation to your design (such as the name of a person or department, or nick name of a club or class member)

Branding and personalising your products

Deciding to produce branded clothing for your company or event can be easy.  Getting the products to your door, with the branding looking just right, can be less straight forward.  Let us take the hassle out of it with our technical advice, great quality and slick delivery.

Here at The Stitch Factory, we’ve spent years building up a wealth of knowledge and experience in Embroidery, Screen Printing and Vinyl Transfer so that you can rely on a great product that’s right first time.

We’ll advise you on how to get the best from your design on your chosen garments, and produce a visual proof – working with you to make sure you’re happy with your design before we begin work.  That’s all you need think about until your order arrives.

Then our team get busy.  We’ll process, produce, check and double check your order ready to deliver to you as promised.  We take pride in what we do, so nothing goes out of the door until we know it’s right.  And if you need something a little quicker or a little out of the ordinary, we’re right here at the other end of the phone.