Hi-Viz Trousers

The Stitch Factory provides a large range of hi viz trousers that cover all the EN certifications required for all uses. Yellow hi viz trousers, Orange hi viz trousers as well as other colours like Blue hi viz trousers are supplied from TSF.

Hi viz trousers are an important part of high visibility protection for a number of professions, including motorway maintenance, Police officers, safety stewards, Railway industry workers plus the numerous jobs within councils like the environmental and roadside breakdown services.

All the hi viz trousers are mainly designed to be worn over existing trousers to help keep you warm, dry and foremost seen in any weather conditions or poorly lit places.

The Stitch Factory provides all the top manufactures ranges of high visibility trousers with other clothing to complete your hi viz uniform. The brands range from Result, Regatta, and Dickies workwear.