Mens Ties and Dickie Bows

The Stitch Factory supply men's silk ties, men's polyester ties and men's bow ties in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles. We also provide men's clip-on ties and men's click on neckties and bow ties, that will suit any occasion you need your tie or dickie bow for.
The Stitch Factory also provide a bespoke men's ties service, where you can have your own company name or company name and company logo, woven into the tie, providing you with your own bespoke company tie.
A person with short dark hair is wearing a white Premier Workwear PR705 dress shirt and a black bow tie. They are looking straight at the camera with a neutral expression. The background is a modern, textured wall in shades of gray.

Premier Men's Bow Tie

A bow tie with a hook 'n' bar fastening at the back. The perfect accessory for waiters and waitresses who need a more formal approach to their hospita...