Work Polo Shirts

The work polo shirts that work people wear for work have to meet all the tough riggers that a job or working environment will throw at it. The range of polo shirts The Stitch Factory supplies are numerous and are designed through the different levels of materials used to offer protection, comfort and durability to the wearer.

With the choice of top brands like Snickers workwear, Dickies workwear, Premier workwear, Kustom Kit and Tranemo to name a few, you are guaranteed to find the exact polo shirts needed for the job.

All our work polo shirts are through the different fabrics that make them, both durable and comfortable with the knowledge that each day the polo shirt will need washing and that each day the polo shirts need to look just as new as the day they were first purchased. Our entire brands match up to this standard and brands like Kustom Kit are well known for their high washing temperatures and extremely low colour loss, due to continual washing.

To further enhance the profile of the polo shirt wearer, The Stitch Factory provides a host of different personalisation techniques that as an individual or a company have the option of having embroidered polo shirts, printed polo shirts or both.