Screen Printing

Computer artwork, machine automation, human touch

Your artwork will be produced using computer software, and for a larger order the print might be sped up by automated printing carousels, but there’s no substitute for the skills and experience of the people looking over your design and producing and checking the finished print.  We check every garment and double check every order so, at The Stitch Factory, you get the benefit of efficient, cost-effective printing with quality assured by the eagle eyes of our professional print perfectionists.

Have your people talk to our people

If you have a graphics pro of your own, we can take them through the formats we need and how to get the best from your design when printing on clothing.  Or if you need our help with your design, ask about our artwork service – our team can work with you to adapt an existing design or produce something from scratch to your brief.

Once your design is immortalised on to printing screens, your screens will be archived until the next time you need them, with no more proofs needed and nothing extra to pay for set up when the time comes for reprints.

Packaging Available

Your garments will look great, but sometimes you need a little something extra.  If you’re gifting to customers or promoting a brand or event, we can label, swing-tag, bag or box your clothing for a special touch – just talk to our sales team about your needs.

Screen Print Tips

Screen print can be great if:

you need a high volume of items with the same design, such as promotional t-shirts for an event or to sell at a retail outlet – prices per print go down dramatically the more you order

you have a single colour design and want to keep set up costs to a minimum

you want to incorporate shading in your design

Add a Design

Branding and personalising your products

Deciding to produce branded clothing for your company or event can be easy.  Getting the products to your door, with the branding looking just right, can be less straight forward.  Let us take the hassle out of it with our technical advice, great quality and slick delivery.

Here at The Stitch Factory, we’ve spent years building up a wealth of knowledge and experience in Embroidery, Screen Printing and Vinyl Transfer so that you can rely on a great product that’s right first time.

We’ll advise you on how to get the best from your design on your chosen garments, and produce a visual proof – working with you to make sure you’re happy with your design before we begin work.  That’s all you need think about until your order arrives.

Then our team get busy.  We’ll process, produce, check and double check your order ready to deliver to you as promised.  We take pride in what we do, so nothing goes out of the door until we know it’s right.  And if you need something a little quicker or a little out of the ordinary, we’re right here at the other end of the phone.