Work Trousers

When it comes to an item or workwear clothing then, a pair of workwear trousers are high on the list of items to purchase as are a pair of safety boots and safety shoes.

The Stitch Factory realise this and so provide workwear trousers from only the most reputable brands that also understand the needs of the wearer. Brands The Stitch Factory supplies in work trousers are from top manufactures like Result, Regatta, and Dickies workwear, as well as Snickers workwear and Blackrock workwear.

Work trousers are an important part of any workwear kit or workwear uniform and depending on the work you are doing or the environment you are working in. Trousers come in a multitude of fabrics, weights and styles. Take for instance the painters and decorators trousers, which are always seen in white, but manufactures from a not too heavy fabric allowing good movement for the painter to be able to climb up and down ladders or crouch down. Ballistic trousers on the other hand have to been manufactured from thick multi layers of fabric with an outer puncture resistant covering to protect the legs. Movement isn?t as flexible as regular work trousers, but the level of protection given is.

The work trousers available from TSF are made available to both men and women. This added choice that is now available for trades women and female workers alike, and allows the female wearer to be able to choice her own fit, which until not too long ago, meant that a mens fit trouser was the only choice, which left her with an ill fitting waist, no shape to the hips and the crotch area was to baggy. Now the manufactures have seen this big gap in the market and are making quick amends.