Work Fleeces

A work fleece jacket has been part of the workwear uniform for some time now, and as more trades and professions develop and grow, then the work fleece jackets, in whichever form it takes, will continue to be a choice for the majority.
The Stitch Factory supplies both the standard over the head work fleece jacket with a small quarter size zip and or with pouch pockets or smaller zipped pockets, but also with the fully zipped work fleece jacket, which is the most popular choice. All the major brands now have a work fleece jacket or two in the workwear clothing ranges with brands like Snickers, Blackrock, Regatta and Kustom Kit providing a fantastic range, which also includes numerous colour options and sizes.
Some top brands like Snickers workwear even have their own branded logos on the workwear sweatshirts themselves, which as a separate service, The Stitch Factory provided embroidered sweatshirts, printed sweatshirts and also many individuals and companies choose to have the sweatshirts embroidered and printed.

Fleece Jacket