Work Gloves

When it comes to gloves for the working environment then The Stitch Factory will be able to provide you a pair of work gloves to be used in any working situation from food preparation to chemicals and heavy lifting.
Protection of the arms, hands and fingers are so very important as without our arms, hands or fingers, then even the simplest of daily tasks will be made impossible, but in some cases the wearing of protective gloves is also to protect the environment you work in like food preparation, where hygiene is paramount.
The Stitch Factory provide such an array of protective gloves that the list seem endless, but whatever you need your gloves for or what the gloves are made from, you will find all you need at TSF. Gloves are provided that are leather like riggers gloves, gauntlet gloves for welders, latex and non latex for people who are allergic to certain manmade fibres, high tensile fabrics like Kevlar that offer non puncturing protection are all available from The Stitch Factory’s range of hand protection.

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